Debut collection from Danny Jacobs

Nightwood has a new book on our shelf from maritime poet Danny Jacobs. Copies of his debut poetry collection, Songs That Remind Us of Factories, arrived last week and are now available for purchase from the Nightwood book page or at Harbour Publishing.

The poems in Songs that Remind Us of Factories explore how we remain connected: to the world outside, to our ideas of home, to each other, and to ourselves. In their searching, these magpie poems strike a balance between wound language and quiet meditation, the arched-brow wisecrack and the emotionally frank gesture. The result is an honest and playful sequence of poems that plumb our myriad reactions when small wildernesses occasionally come inside.

Danny Jacobs grew up in Riverview, NB. His poems have been published in a variety of journals across Canada. After living in a number of cities and towns in the Maritimes, Danny is back in Riverview and works as the librarian in the village of Petitcodiac, NB. Songs That Remind Us of Factories is his first book.


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