Jay Ruzesky tours BC with In Antarctica

Poet, English professor and explorer Jay Ruzesky sets out on a BC book tour this week, sharing tales from his new travel memoir, In Antarctica: An Amundsen Pilgrimage. Don’t miss this chance to explore the wilderness of the Antarctic through Jay’s animated readings and slideshow.

Ruzesky became motivated by the approaching centennial of Amundsen’s South Pole accomplishment to pursue his own quest to Antarctica—not only as a following of Amundsen’s footsteps, but also a pilgrimage to a near-mythical place where heroes were made and died. In the tradition of Bruce Chatwin and with a poet’s heart, Ruzesky offers a historically accurate tale while traversing both time and place—paralleling a century of explorers’ dreams from Pole to Pole with stops in Canada, Norway, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Antarctica.

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