Publicity for Histories Haunt Us

Histories Haunt Us, the second collection from acclaimed poet Triny Finlay, has recently been getting some media attention. Triny appeared on John Cunningham’s “Speaking of Poets” radio program on August 8th, and the book has received some very positive reviews! Here’s what reviewers are saying about Histories Haunt Us:

“Undisguised, her poetry takes on a powerful authenticity.”
―Rhea Tregebov, The Globe and Mail
“Powerfully elemental in image and sound, particularly in the ghazal-like title sequence, this is a beautifully sombre and sensual reflection on the faithful failing of language.”
―Jennifer Still, Winnipeg Free Press
“Anchored, these poems are, perhaps, but during a hurricane at night, in the middle of the ocean.”
The Telegraph-Journal (St. John)
“Finlay has a gift for weaving many images into neat patterns with open-ended conclusions.”
—Michael O. Nowlan, The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton)

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