Kerosene Launches in Whitehorse!

Join Nightwood poet Jamella Hagen as she celebrates the launch of her debut poetry collection Kerosene at the Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse, YT on Friday, October 14 at 7pm.

In Kerosene, her debut book of poetry, Jamella Hagen weaves individual memories into a narrative that charts the process of orientation and growing maturity within shifting geographical locations. Patterned on the author’s own experience, the collection follows the story of a young woman’s life, encompassing the beauty and harshness of a childhood spent in the wilderness of Northern BC, the difficult process of adapting to city life, a period of extensive travel in South America, and her eventual return to the north. From a position of experience, the poet is able to contemplate the events of her lifetime with a thoughtful and sometimes gently ironic voice.

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