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Praise for The Year of Broken Glass

With The Year of Broken Glass and its fisherman hero Ferris Wishbone, Joe Denham has created a passionate, deeply knowledgeable and wholly unique literary work—Raymond Carver sails away to meet H.P. Lovecraft. Delving with authority into the bullet-ridden, the near-divine and the shortcomings of the heart, this is a flat-out terrific book.
—Adam Lewis Schroeder, author of In the Fabled East, nominee for Commonwealth Writers’ Prize

In his confident and relentlessly surprising first novel, Joe Denham creates a stirring story of love, loss and longing. The Year of Broken Glass is as startlingly original as the legendary fishing float that captivates its characters, and is as permeated with fragile beauty as the coastal and oceanic worlds it both celebrates and mourns.
—Angie Abdou, author of The Bone Cage and The Canterbury Trail

The pervasive metaphoric layers in The Year of Broken Glass bolster the story and character development without tipping into the overwhelming or feeling forced. Denham has created unforgettable, strongly sculpted characters and a cinematic sweep of dramatic circumstance and plot that will stick with the reader for a long time.