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Praise for Pouring Small Fire

"Emotions collide from all angles in Manchester's ocean of imagery. Anger, grief, lonliness, passion, and pain swirl together to produce 50 poems that paint pictures while exposing Manchester's deepest emotions . . . The personal and nature tableaus captured on the page buzz with their own intensity." -Quill and Quire

"Susan Manchester, a sensualist of the ordinary, makes a bold debut with Pouring Small Fire. Her lyrical poems, both tart and dreamy, speak with such pungency and comfort that it's no wonder spicy soup is her drug of choice. So taste her grief and apprehend her wizardry for yourself. Manchester's marvels will never leave you hungry." -Molly Peacock

"By water, by air, across land - Susan Manchester takes us on a poetic journey through grief, an intense passage that transforms the past and the present into foreign countries. Each element, and above all the element of water, is infused with the task of grieving and its uncertain healing. For Manchester, a harbour is "filled with the air/ we breathe for/ each other," and her one longing is "to touch every shore at the same time." Her gaze is unflinching her command of poetic forms confident and her journey compelling." ­-Maureen Hynes

"Susan Manchester handles words as if they were precious stones, fondling them gently with a loving hand, and the words, responding to her touch, radiate warmth and life. Her language has a soft, misty quality, and her images fade into each other like the notes of a melody. . . . Her poems have a quiet strength, a stillness that recalls Wordsworth's description of poetry as "emotion recollected in tranquillity." There is a great depth of feeling behind these poems, and the poet has the control, the artistry needed to convey that emotion. Susan Manchester poems are successful in the sense that they never fail to achieve their objectives. What she does, she does supremely well, and her first book of poems leaves us eagerly anticipating the second." -Guy Gauthier, Prairie Fire

"Her art transcends the personal to reveal the universal. In fact Manchester's finely crafted lines, burnished images, and unifying motifs reveal not only grief's lengthening shadows but also its luminosity. Small windows in these dark rooms open onto October's colours, abundance, and ripeness."
-Lynda Grace Philippsen, Books in Canada