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Praise for Imperfections

Imperfections is a wild send-up of the modelling industry and our obsession with the culture of beauty. Equal parts absurdism and societal critique, it is a comic romp on par with Mordecai Richler's Cocksure...Virtually every paragraph of Imperfections teems with authorial talent unafraid to show itself off.
—Mark Sampson, Quill & Quire

Perfection is something many desire, but no one achieves. Imperfections is a novel that explores the concept of perfection as Bradley Somer follows Richard Trench, who at a loss for limbs find himself in an adventure that is unlike anything he would have experienced with those limbs. Touching on the unusual, Somer seeks to look at the duality of beauty and ugly, and how the two aren't that far apart in what we week. With strong humor and much to ponder Imperfections is not a read to be overlooked.
—The Fiction Shelf, Midwest Book Review

[Imperfections] juxtaposes perfection and freakishness (ironically, the carnival freaks have been made freakish artificially); it explores what it is to live and not to have really lived; and it examines the ideas of predestination and fate. The paradoxes multiply: In one sense, events seem to occur utterly by chance--by fluke, even. But within the context of the novel, the threads seem interwoven.
Event magazine