Some Ink for Patternicity

Jim Johnstone

Jim Johnstone‘s Patternicity has been criminally underrated so far, but at least it received a review in Quill & Quire‘s Fall Preview by Newfoundland poet and Breathing Fire 2 alumnus Mark Callanan (rumour has it that his follow-up to Scarecrow is in the works with Signal).

Callanan does a great job with little space in conveying Jim’s language and content to illustrate “meaningful patterns in meaningless noise,” and “an unlikely marriage of faith and science.”: “Patternicity transforms the mundane into the otherworldly … it’s a compelling system of thought.”

Carmine Starnino also wrote of the book: “I love Patternicity for it dirty noises. … Jim Johnstone’s forms are shapely, but feral. His music is beautifully rational, complex and charismatic.”

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