Expect Something and Nothing at Once, from then/again by Michelle Elrick

Expect Something and Nothing at Once is the cinematic depiction of Michelle Elrick’s poem of the same name from her forthcoming collection, then/again. The film, written and directed by Elrick, was filmed in Winnipeg and has screened internationally and was awarded Best Cinematography at the Suffolk International Film Festival in 2013.

expect something and nothing at once: a car coming down the road,
a tilted x, a feeling of enough enough/a rapture love. count: two
days without sleeping, three hours spent hiding, seventeen years
of limiting love and one long highway, the way it dips and caresses
the shouldering hills. wait with squint and exhaustion: breath
condensed on a cold brass hinge, fields scraped clean of snags
and novelty. wander in/out of rooms with a mirror under your chin.
climb out of the bed, the window, the car and threadbare drapery
of blue velour: gold exponential on the carpet. don’t talk, listen
to the curve of this particulate. stare at the cabin past the dim
of trees: its red roof, the taste of warm tomato.

the mountain rises under your knees: algae, juniper. humming
hydro electric box: (red rover, red rover) call and careen, your name
still ringing, still ringing, drawing circles around your face, around
the many lips of the rose’s middle. gulls follow the tractor,
picking out dew worms. sunset between Olympic and North Shore,
grazing red and spotted land of white and orange stars. clouds pass
behind the tree: you say the name of the book you are reading,
I touch your leg under the table, we leave the condom on the desk
(how many brothers/sisters do you have?). mathematics of hunger,
of silence, noise. the universe expands beyond dead stars shining.
asymptotic crush. the things that used to be true.

Michelle Elrick launches then/again at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg on March 25, 2017.

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