The Rush to Here


The Rush to Here

By George Murray

Nightwood Editions
5.25 x 7.5 - 79 pages
Paperback - $16.95
May 2007

Shortlisted for the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia Atlantic Poetry Prize

George Murray proves once again he is one of his generation’s most accomplished poets with The Rush to Here. Diverging from the excess and declamation of his highly praised previous collection, The Hunter, Murray breaks new poetic ground in poems that are dangerous, sharp and glistening in both language and style.

Combining what the poet calls "thought-rhyme" with the structured sonnet form, Murray’s philosophical curiosity and hardnosed intelligence emerge to create an off-kilter eye that somehow manages to be dead on target. As though looking out a window by which the entire world is passing, The Rush to Here darts through the absurdity of daily life to organize the mess and contradictions of modern society.

Relentlessly honest, elegant in form and language, The Rush to Here is an intimidating, eerie, but ultimately hopeful collection that sets George Murray apart as a voice for our time.