: The Odious Child

The Odious Child


The Odious Child

and Other Stories

By Carolyn Black

Nightwood Editions
5.5 x 8.5 - 160 pages
Paperback - $21.95
April 2011

The debut collection from the author of the Journey Prize nominated story “Serial Love.”

What would you do if your child was a furry feral creature or your new love interest a potential serial killer (or worse, a fictitious cliché)? In The Odious Child, Carolyn Black invents her own blend of urban fantasy, crafting a unique storyscape that she populates with a series of mostly nameless figures who are trapped in social roles that they anxiously try to fulfill – and sometimes manage to escape. With a refreshingly clear voice and dark, offbeat sense of humour, Black tempers her incisive examination of contemporary frustration and loneliness with wry optimism and wit.