Other Poems


Other Poems

By Jay MillAr

Nightwood Editions
5.5 x 8.5 - 96 pages
Paperback - $17.95
March 2010

An eclectic new collection from Toronto poet Jay MillAr.

“I have to wonder why poets are always expected to write exactly what they wrote the last time they wrote a poem. So I wrote the poems a little differently this time. That’s okay too.”
– MillAr, interview published in The Danforth Review

Jay MillAr’s poetry resists classification. This book, being a collection of Other Poems, is an assemblage of seemingly disparate materials—the poems are of various lengths, subjects and origins and were composed over the past ten years of this prolific author’s life. Reading this book is likened to finding a box of photographs in a thrift store; here lies a miscellany of meaning that offers an intimate view of MillAr’s “direct manner of spoken mind.”