O Canada Crosswords Book 13


O Canada Crosswords Book 13

100 All New Crosswords

By Gwen Sjogren

Nightwood Editions
8.5 x 11 - 232 pages
Paperback - $12.95
August 2012

It’s lucky 13 for the latest instalment of the bestselling O Canada Crosswords series. This volume features 100 puzzles for solvers from coast to coast, including 67 with full-on national content. Solvers can take a trip to the nation’s capital with Destination: Ottawa. Savour true Canadian flavour with For the Foodies and Eponymous Edibles. Test your IQ about famous Canadians with two Who Am I? puzzles. And of course there’s author Gwen Sjogren’s usual array of True North nods to books, sports, people and places.

In addition, this volume offers 33 themed puzzles that focus on fun, like some wicked wordplay in Double Up and Piracy?, palindromes in Ekal Lake, et al., plus a quick trip south of the border in All-American and Red, White and Blue. To top it all off, solvers will enjoy some House Hunting, Orienteering and Horsing Around, too!

O Canada Crosswords 13 invites any crossword fan to a Canadian feast of epic proportions, one that will leave you at once sated and wanting seconds.