O Canada Crosswords Book 8


O Canada Crosswords Book 8

75 Themed Daily-Sized Crosswords

By Barbara Olson & Dave Macleod

Nightwood Editions
8.5 x 11 - 115 pages
Paperback - $14.95
October 2007

Olson and Macleod's puzzles are ingrained with accents of Canadian culture:

-Lion's club (CFL)
-Stompin' Tom's Bud, e.g. (SPUD)
-Map of Québec (CARTE)
-Old Hudson's Bay Company supplier (VOYAGEUR)

And infused with humour:

-Old timer (SUNDIAL)
-Lame excuse (BUM LEG)
-One who looks like hell, but is tempting (SATAN)

A puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! And these are no ordinary puzzles. These 75 cleverly themed crosswords include themes like “Prefix-ation,” “Prime Mini$ter$” and “Let it Snow.” Many of the clues use tricky wordplay and are all about Canada: Child of Chibougamau? (enfant). Saturday night live group? (NHL). With Canadian spellings, Canadian perspectives and Canadian topics, the fact that you wear a toque to go to Timmy’s and pay GST on pretty much everything makes you uniquely qualified to solve these puzzles. Drawing on the trademarks of Canadian identity, O Canada Crosswords Book 8 is for every Canadian. Sharpen your pencils and get ready for a good time!