O Canada Crosswords Book 6

O Canada Crosswords Book 6

50 Great Weekend-size Crosswords

By Kathleen Hamilton

Nightwood Editions
8.5 x 11 - 120 pages
Paperback - $9.95
September 2005

Puzzles that celebrate our country's identity, incorporating facts on Canadian geography, culture, history, politics and our favourite national pastimes.

• Which Canadian heavyweight boxer fought Muhammad Ali?
• What Canadian ocean liner sank in 1914, losing more passengers than the Titanic?
• Can you name the highest peak in Canada?
• Which Saskatchewan town has the “world’s largest grasshopper”?
• Who was the first Canadian woman to climb Mt. Everest?

Drawing on Canadian geography, culture, history, politics and even national pastimes like hockey, Kathleen Hamilton creates puzzles that celebrate Canadian identity. With their recognizable folk-art covers and uniquely Canadian content, Hamilton’s O Canada Crosswords books have garnered a devoted fan base of crossword aficionados from coast to coast.

This long-anticipated Book 6 contains fifty over-sized puzzles that use Canadian spellings, a sprinkling of common French words and a Canadian point of view—and they promise to inform and delight, adding to your knowledge about our country while providing hours of enjoyment.