: O Canada Crosswords Book 10

O Canada Crosswords Book 10


O Canada Crosswords Book 10

50 Themed Daily-sized Crosswords

By Dave Macleod & Barbara Olson

Nightwood Editions
8.5 x 11 - 120 pages
Paperback - $9.95
September 2009

"I really enjoyed the humour and challenge of these (O Canada) puzzles. Please tell me you plan to publish more."
—Brenda, B.C.

This is the tenth book in the bestselling O Canada Crosswords series. This new volume offers 50 new cleverly-themed puzzles featuring snappy titles, tricky wordplay and other tests of mental agility. As usual there is plenty of Canadian flavour to make the Canuck solver feel right at home.

New puzzles include:

Monkey Business
Working for CN
Don't Bother Me
The Fat Lady Sings

Sample clues:

Grey areas? = ROOTS
That's a moray = EEL
Horton with a chain = TIM
Love handle? = DEAR