Never More There


Never More There

By Stephen Rowe

Nightwood Editions
5.5 x 8.0 - 88 pages
Paperback - $17.95
October 2009

"One of a new generation of Newfoundland poets who are inspired by the riches of their culture, Stephen Rowe casts a meditative eye on the world about him."
—Mary Dalton

"Again and again while reading Never More There I was struck by arresting lines and images, by Stephen Rowe's rigorous attention to the natural world and the world of words. Eloquent and passionate, Rowe is poet of real promise."
—Michael Crummey

How do we reconcile story with fact? What must one lose for the other to exist? In this debut collection, Rowe explores the nature of mythology and how it morphs in time to retain cultural and personal significance. Folk tales, supernatural creatures, family histories and personal elegies come together to expose the cohabitation of the dead and the living; the relationship between cold absence and stark presence.