By Bradley Somer

Nightwood Editions
5.5 x 8 - 256 pages
Paperback - $21.95
September 2012

“There are moments in life that conspire towards making you
the person you turn out to be on your deathbed. All of the
events, the people, the places you go, the things you do and
have done to you, everything foreshadows the person you are
in the end. The pieces are all there but they can only be seen
in hindsight.”

—The Agency model, Richard Trench

Richard Trench finds himself with no arms and no legs, reduced to a torso in the trunk of a car. There is a reason. It all makes sense. The point is there somewhere . . .

Imperfections elucidates the private lives of supermodels and circus freaks, sheiks and designer dominatrixes and the metamorphosis of the body chic. These are lives where the importance of vehicular mephitis-cide, a charity lobster boil for burn victims, a grilled-cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary toasted on it and a prophecy about the uncanny deaths of the voice-actors for Tigger and Piglet, can not be overlooked.

Set in the world of glittering photo shoots in exotic locations, extreme visions of beauty and raucous fashion shows, Imperfections is a genre-bending novel that sits solidly in the foggy area between fact and fiction.