Frogs in the Rain Barrel


Frogs in the Rain Barrel

By Sally Ito

Nightwood Editions
6 x 9 - 72 pages
Paperback - $16.95

The debut poetry collection by Sally Ito, one of Canada's most important up-and-coming writers. Runner-up for the Milton Acorn People's Poetry Award.

In the title poem of this extraordinary first book, Sally Ito remembers her childhood in Alberta, when she set frogs in the rain barrel and watched them swim like stars in a "pool of still and nether depths/ whose mirrored surface was all."

Those imagined depths become a powerful metaphor in these poems, which reflect Ito's experiences as a young Japanese Canadian living and writing in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, the West Coast and Japan. Hers is a distinct poetic voice, equally at ease with such diverse images as an aged Chinese man on the train, the Inuit goddess of the sea and the first crocus of spring. Frogs in the Rain Barrel was runner-up for the Milton Acorn People's Poetry Award in 1996.