A Concise History for Travellers

By Alan Twigg

Nightwood Editions
5.25 x 8.25 - 176 pages
Paperback - $16.95

Take along 500 years of Cuban history with your sunscreen.

Cigars, mojitos, beaches, baseball and Hemingway haunts are all very well. But for those who want to pack along 500 years of history with their sunscreen, here is a lively and unbiased primer on Cuba that reflects the island’s remarkable history.
Covering Cuba’s history from the first tourist—Christopher Columbus—to the latest of the CIA’s 40 assassination attempts against President Fidel Castro, Cuba: A Concise History for Travellers covers Cuba from the off-limits birthplace of El Presidente to the country’s most sacred site, the Virgin of Copper church.

Accompanied by more than 30 black and white photos, Cuba contains a one-of-a-kind Dictatorship Index, a CIA Hit (& Miss) List and information on:

• How and why Che Guevara died
• Fidel Castro’s family tree and love life
• Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis
• The Mafia, gambling, prostitution

For tourists and armchair travellers alike, Cuba provides a thoughtful and fascinating look into the Caribbean’s largest and most controversial country.