Cruise Control


Cruise Control

A Theogony

By Ken Howe

Nightwood Editions
5.25 x 7.5 - 128 pages
Paperback - $15.95
September 2002

From Ken Howe, winner of the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry, Cruise Control is an original, spirited and unforgettable homebrew concocted from his limitless thirst for philosophy and literature and his vigorous love of language.

Cruise Control knows no borders, hurtling down BC’s Coquihalla Highway, sightseeing in Regina, tearing through Windsor, “plunging beneath the Earth” in Chicago, visiting some eccentric characters in Germany and even exploring the “non-presence (i.e. lostness)” of Atlantis.

Ken Howe’s reckless intellect and insatiable curiosity for everything — Canadian geography, architecture, the experimental writing of Gertrude Stein, the “urban imperialist agenda” and even the “bright checkered tablecloth in Grandmother’s Pizza three A.M.” — flood off the page and drag us into an infinite current that unites all these concepts and objects and entices (or renews) our own understanding and interest in each with vitality and humour.