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Praise for Joe Denham's previous work:

Denham is as comfortable with the daily violence—psychic and actual—of urban life as he is with the small-town world of boats and lines in the water. Junkies and garbage strikes are as strikingly, and lovingly, depicted as 'a lakeshore lined with alder, maple, fir.' The pastoral is juxtaposed against a world "ripped on caffeine ... lush on home wine and the perfume of a young woman."
Quill & Quire

With a lyric intensity refreshingly free of pop pyrotechnics, Joe Denham’s poems pull compelling music from work, love and grief.
—John Pass

Joe Denham’s first book, Flux, opens with graphic, empathetic work poetry. Almost every line reverberates with layered alliteration, assonance, consonance … extended in frequent imagery of music. A short long poem remembering his native Sechelt Peninsula urges alerting ourselves to the slow things that define the lure of the local.
Canadian Literature