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Praise for What the Poets Are Doing

“If you think an entire book about the poetic process — chronicled through email interviews, no less — sounds depressing or dull, you are not alone. You are, however, delightfully mistaken… This gem of a book sees several generations open up on writing, loss and life, and is a riveting read, akin to stumbling on private letters between your most literary and intriguing friends.”
~Tara Henley, Toronto Star

“As a creative writing instructor, I’m finding so much in [What the Poets Are Doing] that I can share with my students to show the kind of lateral thinking involved in writing poetry, and that poetry isn’t written in a vacuum, but reflects and responds to the world we live in.” ~ Shashi Bhat, www.writerstrust.com

“What the Poets Are Doing opens a door onto perspectives in contemporary Canadian poetry, and it’s apparent to me that the poets are asking of themselves, and of their readers, that imagination, above all else, greet the poems they are writing.” ~John Pass, The Ormsby Review, February 22, 2019

"What the Poets Are Doing is instructive.... each [interview] brings forward, variously, vital questions, thoughts, and ideas related to writing practice, poiesis, the body, family, community, isolation, place, position, racism, sexuality, freedom, and survival." ~ Deanna Radford, Arc Poetry Magazine, Fall 2019