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Praise for Teethmarks

"Teethmarks is a gutsy, enthralling effort to bring words themselves – in all their sing-song beauty and horror – back to us. Wow . . ."
-Chris Devito, CO-OP/CiTR/CJSF Radio

"Her poetic lines can be clipped to the absolute breaking point to convey the fractured nature of our lives, or go on without stopping, showing how we relentlessly push ourselves . . . Queyras effectively brings together the little and the large, leaving you lots to hang on to, ways to join in."
-Jacqueline Turner, The Georgia Straight

"Teethmarks tackles the terrifying territory of loss and love, yet avoids sentimentality. While opening doors to the dark truths of childhood, it also reveals the irony of living in the abundance and squalor that is present-day America... A provocative and satisfying book... well worth rereading and pondering."
-Jennifer Boire, Prairie Fire

"These poems evoke the contemporary scene of New Jersey with details like discarded water bottles and old condoms; they look back into the area's history, and travel out on the highways to the places where the city stretches past littered roads and power lines into the wild... The poem ['Me Victorious'] is as frantic as a yuppie who gleans from their kid's Ritalin supply, and it should be read aloud... Queyras describes the twisted adult world through the eyes of a child with a sense of wonder and dread... [and] shows it is better to get to know the dark side rather than pretend it's all rainbows and smiley sunshine."
-Ian Sullivan, Matrix

"Queyras’s poems are solidly grounded on a distinct sense of place. These various locations incisively and persistently point to aspects of “home”: first, because of their active engagement with and relentless interrogation of the present and the self, and second, because of their frank and vivid portrayal of parental figures and childhood/teenage moments."
-Lydia Forssander-Song, Canadian Book Review