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CO-OP/CiTR/CJSF Radio Review of Teethmarks/

There are images and motifs you encounter each and every day - on the street, at your workplace, on the television news. From the buzzings in our brains from too much advertising and cultural junk food we no longer connect with what really matters to us. These poems are a bracing, rousing attempt to break through that apathy. By assaulting our conventions of taste, by subjecting readers to steadily intensifying shocks of recognition, Queyras modifies our own perceptions and creates a really thoughtful and provocative record of the spirit of our times. There has been a lot written about the spirit of our orderly yet purpose-less existence: it’s called advertising and it’s ingratiated itself into everything we strive for. Teethmarks is a gutsy, enthralling effort to bring words themselves – in all their sing-song beauty and horror – back to us. Wow . . .
-Chris Devito, CO-OP/CiTR/CJSF Radio