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Praise for Take the Torch

“Former New Democrat MP Ian Waddell has written an oddly interesting political memoir. .. his Take the Torch does capture the mood of that period during the ’70s and ’80s when change was in the air and all things seemed possible.” ~ Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star

“It’s hard to believe in this day of hyper-partisanship that a Prime Minister would say of a political opponent as Brian Mulroney did of Waddell: ‘Always prepared, always effective, always thoughtful, and always acting in Canada’s national interest.’
His memoir reflects that. Perhaps it will inspire a return to a more humanist approach.” ~ Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun

“... a highly entertaining read for those with a hankering for late 20th-century Canadian political history.” ~ Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight

“I recommend Take the Torch to anyone wanting a first-hand and front-row view of some of the most interesting political events of the last forty years — especially on the federal level. Waddell comes across as both a gentleman and a man on a mission, especially for causes related to the respectful constitutional position of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Take the Torch is also a manual on how to get things done on behalf of the electorate in Ottawa and Victoria — both publicly and behind the scenes.” ~ Rod Drown, The Ormsby Review, January 30, 2019