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Praise for Selected Poems

Although it is almost too soon for a Selected Poems from a poet not yet 50, Bowling arrived fully formed, his mature voice has never wavered...Bowling is as authentic as it gets, a poet whose work has always excited me. This Selected Poems will be an excellent introduction to anyone unfamiliar with Bowling. For the rest of us, a reminder of the power Bowling controls with such grace. This very human poetry retains the lyric beauty of poetry, carries the emotional weight of history.

—Michael Dennis, Michael Dennis Blog

Twenty years of work, of focus comes to light. Selected Poems is a collection of poetry from Tim Bowling who shares what he holds as some of his best work from throughout his career and his unique style and view of the world. For those who want a sampler of the best of Bowling's work, Selected Poems more than earns its place in any contemporary poetry collection. "Edwardian Street": A boarder coughs in an attic room,/a child's fever breaks, dark branches gull/the glass of an upstairs window, and someone reaches for the Seneca on the shelf.//Old houses.//Something is happening at the end of their long hallways:/the heart of the past is foreclosing on itself.

—John Taylor, Midwest Book Review