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Praise for radiant danse uv being

"...[radiant danse uv being] is way fun. It's a joyful collection, fuelled by bissett's indomitable spirit of lunatic creativity...."
- Alisa Gordaneer, Monday Magazine

"Expect to meet old friends as well as your own tears, sighs, giggles and inspired nostalgia. The anecdotes about bissett are remarkable. If one didn’t know these poems are describing someone who is a poet/friend, one would assume their subject is a guru, shaman, spiritual teacher, therapist, prophet or healer. The descriptive words are the elevated praise reserved for the likes of a Mandela, Ghandi, Thomas Merton and John Lennon."
- Hannah Main-van der Kamp, BC Bookworld

"bissett's fans will enjoy the offbeat stories and tributes."
- Alison Calder, Winnipeg Free Press

A Georgia Straight summer reading pick
"radiant danse uv being: a poetic portrait of bill bissett doesn’t tell you where bill bissett was born or who inspired his poetry. (Well, it does, but inadvertently.) It does, however, give you your travelling papers for the magical bissett mystery tour, a synapses-wide-open visit to the land of possibilities. Your guides on this raging trip are many of Canada’s best-known poets, writing with creativity and play in the style/shadow of this most excellent man of letters... Invention, inveteracy, inanity, insanity, individuality-­bissett asks for nothing more than a second thought, a second look. And a third. Read this with an open heart and you will perhaps come to ask for the same. Which is a most excellently raging way to close the chapter on summer."
- John Burns, The Georgia Straight

"...an exciting, disarming, kinetic and scintillating anthology honouring legendary Canadian poet and artist, blewointment Press editor, poetry trickster and boddhisattva bill bissett. These sundry works, tributes, stories and visuals reflect and bounce off one another in an Indra’s Net of wit and insight, creating a vibrating portrait. It’s a wild love affair, a sacred conversation, an event, a welcome cultural intervention, the consummate festschrift that shines though this truly radiant danse uv being. Kudos to the community for this sweet and rare pleasure of a book."
- Anne Waldman, The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

"Like talking with bissett, many rewards are to be found in this collection."
- Xtra, Toronto

"An attempt was made a few years ago as a special issue of The Capilano Review on bill and his work; much more comprehensive as tribute to bissett is the new anthology radiant danse uv being. What makes the true measure of the collection is the range of contributors included."
- rob mclennan, robmclennan.blogspot.com

"A great sampling of contemporary Canadian poets and insight into bissett and his poetry."
- Annie Boulanger, books choice for summertime, burnabynow.com

"...a collection by a regular alphabet of Canadian literary worthies. A couple of things are clear from reading through these pieces: bill bissett is very well loved, and also very well admired for his work as a poet, publisher, painter, and activist."
- Bill Richardson, CBC Radio

"...works of raging excellence."
- Christian Bök, author of Eunoia

"A fun read, with an amazing array of poems, stories and anecdotes from a veritable Who's Who of CanLit. The book includes contributions by poets whose works have been directly influenced by bissett... It is, however, the surprising contributions from the likes of Margaret Avison, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, George Bowering and P.K. Page - whose styles differ greatly from bissett's - that reveals how significant his work has been to other writers... radiant danse uv being is a collection with samplings for everyone's tastes."
- Greg Santos, The Link

"Varying from simple free-verse to stream-of-consciousness to a gridlike array of words in blocks, these brief poems reflect bill bissett's avant-garde influence, and the life he breathed into sound poetry, narrative loopholes, and the poetic value of internet speak... radiant danse uv being is a dynamic tribute for poetry aficionados interested in fresh writing approaches and freedom from conventional bounds."
- Midwest Book Review

"Like the unpredictable beauty of random eddy patterns, the poems are not uniform in this collection: some try too hard to mimic bissett’s style, while others strain to mythologize personal bissett encounters. But if it were too polished I would be extremely suspicious of its authenticity, because bissett’s work feels just as organic: a true experiment allows space for near misses and variation. Besides, there are so many poems in this book that are spot-on validation and celebration of the essence of bissett’s work and influence, that all the poems become important simply because they resonate. radiant danse uv being is an environment of its own, a coruscant landscape comprised of grateful meditations. It is all around, very excellent."
- Debby Florence, founder/publisher Slumgullion Press, Umbrella Tooth

"radiant danse uv being is a love letter by such luminaries as Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen, Steve McCaffrey, Jay MillAr, Stuart Ross and others. This book has much to offer and if you have never read bissett it may prove a useful launching point into his work. If you already enjoy his writing, this book will show you are not alone."
- Vincent Panka, Broken Pencil

The writers [of radiant danse uv being]... all share an immense affection for the man who, as Christian Bök so aptly points out: “has misspelled his way so deeply into the hearts of readers everywhere…” The poetic tributes, along with their accompanying anecdotes (appearing at the back of the book), allow readers to gain a deeper understanding of bissett’s life and work, along with his influence on contemporary Canadian poetics.

"radiant danse uv being, with its impressive array of writing, all linked by a common theme, is proof of bissett’s far-reaching influence. When originally presented with the idea by the book’s editors, bissett was humbled, and didn’t think there would be “enuff around abt my work or me 2 make a book” (11) Of course, there was, and not surprisingly, this portrait of a poet noted for being so generous in spirit, goes on to offer more, that is, a revealing look into one of the most innovative and prevalent movements in Canadian poetry.
—Maria Scala, Poetryreviews.ca
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