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Praise from The Fiddlehead

"Why wait until those we admire die before we honour them? How much better to celebrate their achievements and our love while they are still around! radiant danse uv being: a poetic portrait of bill bissett does just that. It is a many-splendoured homage, a love-in, panegyric, ode, encomium, a song of thanks and a reprise of the life and work of a figure who has been prominent in our literary and visual arts landscape for much of the last half-century. Jeff Pew & Stephen Roxborough have collected old and new work from an extraordinary array of Canada’s best — including some less well known — poets and artists."
- Ruth Roach Pierson, "A Rock-Dove of a Rock & Roller," The Fiddlehead

To read the full review, see issue No.233 of The Fiddlehead