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Sample Poems: "God on his haunches" and "For a Woman of Note"

God on his haunches
such an appalling picture
God on his haunches
like a bird watcher, waiting
for what he knows must happen
but will for the world neither impede nor hurry on
waiting for the crunch of the beak through the egg
waiting for the infusion of blue through the bud
God the time-lapse photographer

such a terrifying picture
that the Timeless One should savour time
should know the necessity of every second
should want to plunge me
into the deeps of every moment
drown me in the glory of that which has been made
raise me, sodden, into uncreated light
gleaming in the sun like a dolphin's back

a barbed baptism, the eternal end
reached only through fiery lungfuls of time
every second clotting the nostrils
each moment a coal ablaze in the throat

For a Woman of Note
I have written before of this golden ghost
this bare-necked enchantress
of two worlds she was

now giving all to song and wine
to the sour haze of hashish
to flying
through the mist of moving silence
outside her window

now infant alone
in her girl's room
on the floor
sipping tea
near the journal of small poetry
and the oboe
on its thin, bent stand

is she still alone
in one room
lips pressed
dragging a brush through her broomstraw hair
in white immobile silence?