Gregory Scofield Launches Louis: The Heretic Poems in Vancouver

Join Nightwood poet Gregory Scofield as he celebrates the launch of his poetry collection, Louis: The Heretic Poems, about the Canadian folk hero, Louis Riel. He will be at Café Montmartre (4362 Main Street, Vancouver) on Saturday, November 5 at 6:30pm to read selections and sign copies of the book.

In this collection, Scofield juxtaposes historical events and quotes with poetic narrative, drawing attention to the side of the Metis leader and Canadian folk hero that most Canadians have never contemplated: that of husband, father, friend and lover, poet and visionary.

Gregory Scofield is one of Canada’s leading Aboriginal writers whose six collections of poetry have earned him both a national and international audience. He is known for his unique and dynamic reading style that blends oral storytelling, song, spoken word and the Cree language. His maternal ancestry can be traced back to the fur trade and to the Metis community of Kinosota, Manitoba, which was established in 1828 by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

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