Tim Bowling

"Bowling... brings new life to everything he touches. Very few poets are as consistently enlightening and as shamelessly poetic. His poetry is a gift."
-Winnipeg Free Press

"...he is a poet of rare talent. His wording is musical. His rhythms are subtle but unfaltering. He turns a phrase as nicely as anyone writing in this country, and his verses slip effortlessly into their forms as though tailor-made for his thoughts."
-Quill & Quire

"It is a tribute to Bowling's mastery of expressive language that the contemporary ear not used to rhetorical inflation can find it so completely compelling and familiar. His is an exceptional lyric talent. I cannot think of a poet who can convince me of the grandiose in the ways that Bowling can."
-The Fiddlehead

"There is a resolve, a high moral purpose to everything Bowling is doing here, coupled with a compelling melancholy and an astounding level of artistry. With his grasp of the human condition and his lyric gifts, he has the tools to become not just a good poet, but a great one."
"Bowling has the uncanny knack for revealing profundities implicit in the commonplace, for mingling matters sacred and mundane."

"Not one poem is similar to another, and each is an example of the 'more' Bowling can do with the 'much' that he has."
-Globe & Mail

"Bowling's imagination inhabits the banks of the Fraser with a musical grace, sensory acuity and exactness that brings to mind certain poems by Seamus Heaney and Derek Walcott."
-Ken Babstock, sub-TERRAIN

"There is a lyrical rhythm trapped in the lines of his poems which reflect the heart of the musician and the soul of a poet."
-Calgary Herald

"What Bowling begins so well in Low Water Slack is expanded in Dying Scarlet so that he pulls ... much of twentieth-century poetry under his wing. This is a poet whose learning is a pleasure to be part of."
-Malahat Review

"Bowling articulates moments with a profundity that makes them achingly real." -Edmonton Journal

"Dying Scarlet is a book of searing beauty - rich in imagery and brilliant metaphor. These poems burn with desire, whether they explore the words of a dead Indian Chief, a quarrel between brothers or the mysteries of a Chinese fortune cookie. They remind you of what poetry was meant to be: "When spirit loves/its flesh and does not flinch from the burn,/the black ash yields the ripening word. . . With the same deft devotion to craft and language achieved in his first collection, Low Water Slack, Bowling evokes a world of bittersweet sorrows, small mercies and unexpected joys. In short, he summons the world each of us inhabits."
-Backwater Review

"Tim Bowling can tell a story and break a heart."
-Missing Jacket

"It’s a pleasure to read a book of poems that does even a few things well. But it’s a deeper pleasure to read one that does many things well. Tim Bowling’s second collection, Dying Scarlet, belongs to the latter category."
-The Fiddlehead

"Tim Bowling shows himself to be a gifted poet, grounded in the narrative-lyrical modernist tradition, one who is adventurous and risk-taking in his use of surprising, suggestive language and unexpected, forceful juxtapositions. I finished his book as admirer of his work and will follow his career with interest."
-Books in Canada

"Buoyantly optimistic and rich in imagery, these poems movingly depict rare moments of beauty in an otherwise harsh existence. Especially astonishing is the maturity of Bowling's vision, the breadth of his reading, and the ability to combine the abstract with the pragmatic in poems that shimmer like the scales of salmon he describes, particularly when he is writing about death. It's bloody and it's wonderful."

"His universe, suffused with the flux of water, is wondrous."
-Zoe Landale, UBC Chronicle

"The award-winning Tim Bowling's series of intense elegies for his fisherman father ache with loss and longing for a time and place as well as for the man. The poet conjures up the wet coast's verdant wild with concise, always musical craft while etching moving portraits of his father."
-Joseph Blake, Victoria Times-Colonist

The Witness Ghost mourns in a frank, adult voice. . . . the writing gains hallucinogenic intensity from the concentrated focus of Bowling's observation and his astonishing ability to recover and reconstruct evanescent states of feeling. . . . All of this serves to enmesh the grieving and the memories within a net of particularity, so that landscape, weather and work anchor each poem."
-Harry Vandervlist, Alberta Views

“Tim Bowling is one of Canada’s greatest living poets. He’s also a novelist and an accomplished storyteller with a gift for vivid imagery, a great command of metaphor and a concern with the meaning of commonplace, mundane things.”
-Terry Glavin, The Globe and Mail
From Glavin’s blog: http://transmontanus.blogspot.com/2007/12/blog-post.html