Shel Brødsgaard

National team goal coach Shel Brodsgaard has teamed up with Bob Mackin to celebrate the successes of the Canadian women's soccer team during the 2002-04 seasons. The excitement started with the 2002 FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Under-19 Women's World Championships in Edmonton. Canada made it all the way to the finals and only lost the gold medal in overtime to the Americans.

The tournament witnessed the emergence of new stars for the Canadian team such as Christine Sinclair, Kara Lang, and goalkeeper Erin McLeod. These three then joined Charmaine Hooper, Christine Latham, and the rest of the senior national team and qualified for the 2003 Women's World Cup, which was held in the United States. The team's eventual fourth-place finish ranked as the single biggest achievement of any Canadian soccer team ever. The book concludes with the 2004 FIFA Under-19 Women's World Championship, where that team also made it to the quarter finals, thanks in part to its new star, Brittany Timko.

The book alternates between exciting summaries of these tournaments and profiles of some of the coaches and star players. The profiles detail the players' start in soccer, their sources of motivation, interests outside of soccer, and highlights of their careers.

There is a real feeling of excitement in the book as the team builds on its successes to become one of the best teams in the world. Goals and Dreams will inspire anyone interested in following in the footsteps of these talented young women.

Reviewer: Liz Dennett