Kathleen Hamilton

Do you know the five letter word for the surname of a Canadian tenor whose first name is David? Can you think of a three-letter word for a bird once native to Newfoundland's Funk Island? Who was the Quebec film director who was responsible for the movie The Barbarian Invasions? Your weekend is cut out for you with O Canada Crossword.

Hamilton's crossword puzzles are featured across Canada in many newspapers including the Halifax Sunday Herald, The Toronto Star, and the Calgary Sun. She is a self-confessed crossword addict and passionate about her home and native (four letters, rhymes with band).

Like the previous five books in the series, these crosswords feature puzzles solved by using words with a link to Canada. The solution could be Canadian geography, place names, or history, or it could be the Canadian spelling of an English or French word commonly heard in Canada.

These books are ideal for Canadian crossword fans who are tired of being offered clues like "The Capital of Nebraska" or "Nickname for short people from Glasgow." If you do not know the site of the world's largest non-polar ice-field (hint: St. __ Mountains, Yukon), the solutions to the puzzles are included at the back of the book.

Reviewer: Steve Pitt