Elizabeth Bachinsky

Elizabeth Bachinsky’s God of Missed Connections offers up a history worth thinking about. Beautiful, sprawling and melancholy, the book is a discovery of the author’s Ukrainian ancestry that calls up the complicated and diasporic evolution of a transient people.
~ Deanne Beattie, Vancouver Review

Don’t let Elizabeth Bachinsky’s smart-ass hipster lyrics and tough-girl sentiments distract you from her technical prowess. She knows not only how to hot-wire and fine-tune a poem, but also how to provide just the right blend of sound, image, and torque to make it move. Be transported.
~ Gary Geddes

An accomplished poet who thinks and feels in the forms she employs.
~ Malcolm Woodland, University of Toronto Quarterly

a poet...with an ear to the ground of 21st century culture. [Her work] grips you with yearning from the first verse to the last...
~ Belinda Bruce, Vancouver Review

[Bachinsky] doesn’t let any sign pass without spinning out possible signifiers. And she sees the signs everywhere.
~ Jacqueline Turner, The Georgia Straight

...one of those rare poets capable of negotiating poetic forms with rigour and testing their limits, while never losing sight of the strange, dark music of what it means to be human.
~ Jeanette Lynes, The Globe and Mail

A wonderful, wonderful poet.
~ Keith Maillard, The University of British Columbia

One of the significant, exciting new poets to follow...one whose fine sense of form is equaled by a dedication to using the full spectrum of tone, style, and content.
~ Todd Swift, Eyewear

A...poet concerned with tradition, but possessing an experimental impulse that gives her work a countercultural thrust.
~ Stewart Cole, Quill and Quire

She says what she wants to say confidently and skillfully. I respect this kind of honesty...
~ Alex Boyd, The Good Reports

Bachinsky’s willingness to range fearlessly through history sets her writing apart...[she] should be lauded for raising big questions. We should also applaud her sheer moxie.
~ Jeanette Lynes, The Fieldstone Review, University of Saskatchewan