Mark Winston - Listening to the Bees

David Alexander - After the Hatching Oven

The Ottawa International Writers Festival - Write Across Canada

Curtis LeBlanc - Birding in the Glass Age of Isolation, Little Wild

Alex Boyd - Army of the Brave and Accidental

Joan Adams - Write Across Canada

Jean Marc Ah-Sen - In the Beggarly Style of Imitation

Jenna Lyn Albert - Bec and Call

Elizabeth Bachinsky - God of Missed Connections, Home of Sudden Service, The Hottest Summer in Recorded History

Chris Bailey - What Your Hands Have Done

Chris Banks - Bonfires, The Cold Panes of Surfaces

Adèle Barclay - If I Were in a Cage I'd Reach Out for You, Renaissance Normcore

John Barton - For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin

andrea bennett - Canoodlers

Darren Bifford - Wedding in Fire Country

Andrew Binks - Strip, The Summer Between

Lisa Bird-Wilson - The Red Files

Carolyn Black - The Odious Child

Susan Sanford Blades - Fake It So Real

Cassandra Blanchard - Fresh Pack of Smokes

Tim Bowling - The Book Collector, Darkness and Silence, The Duende of Tetherball, Dying Scarlet, The Lost Coast, Low Water Slack, Selected Poems, Tenderman, Where the Words Come From, The Witness Ghost

Shel Brødsgaard - Goals and Dreams, Soccer--Guarding the Goal

Ann Cardwell - Crazy to Kill

Dustin Cole - Notice

Charlie Craigan - How the Robin Got Its Red Breast, Mayuk the Grizzly Bear, Salmon Boy

Brad Cran - The Good Life, Ink on Paper

Lucas Crawford - Belated Bris of the Brainsick

Lorna Crozier - Breathing Fire 2

Trisha Cull - The Death of Small Creatures

Kayla Czaga - For Your Safety Please Hold On

Joseph Dandurand - The East Side of It All, The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets

Sarah de Leeuw - Outside, America

Rodney DeCroo - Allegheny, BC, Next Door to the Butcher Shop

John Degen - The Uninvited Guest

Gary Delainey - Betty

Barry Dempster - The Words Wanting Out

Joe Denham - Flux, Landfall, Regeneration Machine, Windstorm, The Year of Broken Glass

Christopher Dewdney - Permugenesis

Laurie Dickson - The Stanley Park Companion

Margaret Dragu - Revelations

Phinder Dulai - Basmati Brown

Michelle Elrick - then/again

Hubert Evans - Bear Stories, Silversides

Walter D. Feener - O Canada Crosswords Book 11

Raoul Fernandes - Transmitter and Receiver

Triny Finlay - Histories Haunt Us, Splitting Off

John-James Ford - Bonk on the Head

Maureen Foss - The Rat Trap Murders

Kim Fu - How Festive the Ambulance

Carla Funk - Head Full of Sun

Adam Getty - Reconciliation, Repose

Kuldip Gill - Dharma Rasa

Goh Poh Seng - As Though the Gods Love Us, The Girl from Ermita

Spencer Gordon - Cruise Missile Liberals

Paul Grant - The Stanley Park Companion

Bus Griffiths - Patrick and the Backhoe

Diane Guichon - Birch Split Bark

Greta Guzek - The Airplane Ride, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, The Ferryboat Ride, The Ferryboat Ride, My Vancouver Sketchbook, My Vancouver Sketchbook

Jamella Hagen - Kerosene

Kathleen Hamilton - O Canada Crosswords Book 1, O Canada Crosswords Book 2, O Canada Crosswords Book 3, O Canada Crosswords Book 4, O Canada Crosswords Book 5, O Canada Crosswords Book 6, O Canada Crosswords Book 7

Kyp Harness - The Abandoned, Wigford Rememberies

A.S.A. Harrison - Revelations

Matthew Holmes - Hitch

Ken Howe - Cruise Control

Ray Hsu - Anthropy, Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon

Chris Hutchinson - A Brief History of the Short-Lived

Sally Ito - Frogs in the Rain Barrel, Season of Mercy

Danny Jacobs - Songs That Remind Us of Factories

Simon Daniel James - The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets

Kyla Jamieson - Body Count

Jamie Jeffries - Ch'askin

Chris Jennings - Occupations

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Donna Joe - Salmon Boy

Michael Johnson - How to Be Eaten by a Lion

Marion Johnson - The Book of All Sorts

Sean Johnston - A Day Does Not Go By

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Drew Kennickell - Write Across Canada

Kim La Fave - Bear Stories, Cyril the Seagull, Puccini and the Prowlers, Silversides

Alex Laidlaw - Dead Flowers

Fiona Tinwei Lam - Intimate Distances

Amanda Lamarche - The Clichéist

Patrick Lane - Breathing Fire 2

Doretta Lau - How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

Alex Leslie - The things I heard about you

A.J. Levin - Monks' Fruit

Patricia Lines - Cyril the Seagull

Billie Livingston - The Chick at the Back of the Church

Donna Macdonald - Surviving City Hall

John MacKenzie - Letters I Didn't Write

Bob Mackin - Goals and Dreams

Dave Macleod - O Canada Crosswords Book 10, O Canada Crosswords Book 8, O Canada Crosswords Book 9

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Steve McCaffery - The Black Debt

Sharon McCartney - The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Amber McMillan - The Woods

Kevin McNeilly - Embouchure

Christian McPherson - The Cube People, Cube Squared, Six Ways to Sunday

Jay MillAr - False Maps for Other Creatures, Other Poems, Timely Irreverence

Mark Miller - Boogie, Pete & the Senator, Cool Blues, Jazz in Canada

Ken Mitchell - Witches and Idiots

Cindy Mochizuki - perpetual

Jessica Moore - The Whole Singing Ocean

Blaise Moritz - Zeppelin

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Alayna Munce - When I Was Young and In My Prime

Melanie Murray - Should Auld Acquaintance

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Al Neil - Changes

Owain Nicholson - Digsite

Barbara Olson - O Canada Crosswords Book 10, O Canada Crosswords Book 8, O Canada Crosswords Book 9

Rebecca Păpucaru - The Panic Room

Barbara Parkin - Woman with a Man Inside

Philip Kevin Paul - Little Hunger, Taking the Names Down From the Hill

Robert Perry - Down at the Seaweed Cafe, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, The Ferryboat Ride, The Ferryboat Ride, My Vancouver Sketchbook, My Vancouver Sketchbook

Jeff Pew - radiant danse uv being

Sandy Pool - Undark

Andy Quan - Slant

Sina Queyras - Teethmarks

Matt Rader - Living Things, Miraculous Hours, Visual Inspection, What I Want to Tell Goes Like This

Ahmad Danny Ramadan - The Clothesline Swing

Gerry Rasmussen - Betty

Shane Rhodes - Err, X

John Riddell - A/Z Does It

Chris Robinson - Stole This from a Hockey Card

Carol Rose GoldenEagle (Daniels) - Bearskin Diary, Bone Black

Laisha Rosnau - Lousy Explorers, Notes on Leaving, Our Familiar Hunger, Pluck

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Stephen Roxborough - radiant danse uv being

Jay Ruzesky - Blue Himalayan Poppies, In Antarctica

Yusuf Saadi - Pluviophile

Norm Sacuta - Garments of the Known

Renée Sarojini Saklikar - children of air india, Listening to the Bees

Gregory Scofield - kipocihkân, Louis, Witness, I Am

The Sechelt Nation - Ch'askin, How the Robin Got Its Red Breast, Mayuk the Grizzly Bear

Sam Shelstad - Cop House

Bren Simmers - Hastings-Sunrise

jaye simpson - it was never going to be okay

Gwen Sjogren - O Canada Crosswords Book 12, O Canada Crosswords Book 13, O Canada Crosswords Book 14, O Canada Crosswords Book 15, O Canada Crosswords Book 16, O Canada Crosswords Book 17, O Canada Crosswords Book 18, O Canada Crosswords Book 19, O Canada Crosswords Book 20

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The Puzzling Sports Institute - O Canada Puzzles for Kids Book 1, O Canada Puzzles for Kids Book 2, Slapshot Hockey Quizbook, The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook, The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook

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Rob Winger - The Chimney Stone, Muybridge's Horse, Old Hat

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