The Ottawa International Writers Festival - Write Across Canada

Joan Adams - Write Across Canada

Elizabeth Bachinsky - God of Missed Connections, Home of Sudden Service, The Hottest Summer in Recorded History

Chris Banks - Bonfires, The Cold Panes of Surfaces

John Barton - For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin

andrea bennett - Canoodlers

Darren Bifford - Wedding in Fire Country

Andrew Binks - Strip, The Summer Between

Lisa Bird-Wilson - The Red Files

Carolyn Black - The Odious Child

Tim Bowling - The Book Collector, Darkness and Silence, Dying Scarlet, The Lost Coast, Low Water Slack, Selected Poems, Tenderman, Where the Words Come From, The Witness Ghost

Shel Brødsgaard - Goals and Dreams, Soccer--Guarding the Goal

Ann Cardwell - Crazy to Kill

Charlie Craigan - How the Robin Got Its Red Breast, Mayuk the Grizzly Bear, Salmon Boy

Brad Cran - The Good Life, Ink on Paper

Lorna Crozier - Breathing Fire 2

Trisha Cull - The Death of Small Creatures

Kayla Czaga - For Your Safety Please Hold On

Carol Daniels - Bearskin Diary

Rodney DeCroo - Allegheny, BC

John Degen - The Uninvited Guest

Gary Delainey - Betty

Barry Dempster - The Words Wanting Out

Joe Denham - Flux, Regeneration Machine, Windstorm, The Year of Broken Glass

Christopher Dewdney - Permugenesis

Laurie Dickson - The Stanley Park Companion

Margaret Dragu - Revelations

Phinder Dulai - Basmati Brown

Hubert Evans - Bear Stories, Silversides

Walter D. Feener - O Canada Crosswords Book 11

Raoul Fernandes - Transmitter and Receiver

Triny Finlay - Histories Haunt Us, Splitting Off

John-James Ford - Bonk on the Head

Maureen Foss - The Rat Trap Murders

Kim Fu - How Festive the Ambulance

Carla Funk - Head Full of Sun

Adam Getty - Reconciliation, Repose

Kuldip Gill - Dharma Rasa

Goh Poh Seng - As Though the Gods Love Us, The Girl from Ermita

Paul Grant - The Stanley Park Companion

Bus Griffiths - Patrick and the Backhoe

Diane Guichon - Birch Split Bark

Greta Guzek - The Airplane Ride, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, The Ferryboat Ride, My Vancouver Sketchbook, My Vancouver Sketchbook

Jamella Hagen - Kerosene

Kathleen Hamilton - O Canada Crosswords Book 1, O Canada Crosswords Book 2, O Canada Crosswords Book 3, O Canada Crosswords Book 4, O Canada Crosswords Book 5, O Canada Crosswords Book 6, O Canada Crosswords Book 7

Kyp Harness - Wigford Rememberies

A.S.A. Harrison - Revelations

Matthew Holmes - Hitch

Ken Howe - Cruise Control

Ray Hsu - Anthropy, Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon

Chris Hutchinson - A Brief History of the Short-Lived

Sally Ito - Frogs in the Rain Barrel, Season of Mercy

Danny Jacobs - Songs That Remind Us of Factories

Jamie Jeffries - Ch'askin

Chris Jennings - Occupations

Gillian Jerome - Red Nest

Donna Joe - Salmon Boy

Marion Johnson - The Book of All Sorts

Michael Johnson - How to Be Eaten by a Lion

Sean Johnston - A Day Does Not Go By

Jim Johnstone - Patternicity

Drew Kennickell - Write Across Canada

Kim La Fave - Bear Stories, Cyril the Seagull, Puccini and the Prowlers, Silversides

Fiona Tinwei Lam - Intimate Distances

Amanda Lamarche - The Clichéist

Patrick Lane - Breathing Fire 2

Doretta Lau - How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

Alex Leslie - The things I heard about you

A.J. Levin - Monks' Fruit

Patricia Lines - Cyril the Seagull

Billie Livingston - The Chick at the Back of the Church

Donna Macdonald - Surviving City Hall

John MacKenzie - Letters I Didn't Write

Bob Mackin - Goals and Dreams

Dave Macleod - O Canada Crosswords Book 10, O Canada Crosswords Book 8, O Canada Crosswords Book 9

Susan Manchester - Pouring Small Fire

Steve McCaffery - The Black Debt

Sharon McCartney - The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Kevin McNeilly - Embouchure

Christian McPherson - The Cube People, Cube Squared, Six Ways to Sunday

Jay MillAr - False Maps for Other Creatures, Other Poems, Timely Irreverence

Mark Miller - Boogie, Pete & the Senator, Cool Blues, Jazz in Canada

Ken Mitchell - Witches and Idiots

Cindy Mochizuki - perpetual

Blaise Moritz - Zeppelin

Daniel David Moses - Delicate Bodies

Alayna Munce - When I Was Young and In My Prime

George Murray - The Rush to Here

Al Neil - Changes

Barbara Olson - O Canada Crosswords Book 10, O Canada Crosswords Book 8, O Canada Crosswords Book 9

Barbara Parkin - Woman with a Man Inside

Philip Kevin Paul - Little Hunger, Taking the Names Down From the Hill

Robert Perry - Down at the Seaweed Cafe, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, The Ferryboat Ride, My Vancouver Sketchbook, My Vancouver Sketchbook

Jeff Pew - radiant danse uv being

Sandy Pool - Undark

Andy Quan - Slant

Sina Queyras - Teethmarks

Matt Rader - Living Things, Miraculous Hours, What I Want to Tell Goes Like This

Gerry Rasmussen - Betty

Shane Rhodes - Err, X

John Riddell - A/Z Does It

Chris Robinson - Stole This from a Hockey Card

Laisha Rosnau - Lousy Explorers, Notes on Leaving, Pluck

Stephen Rowe - Never More There

Stephen Roxborough - radiant danse uv being

Jay Ruzesky - Blue Himalayan Poppies, In Antarctica

Norm Sacuta - Garments of the Known

Renée Sarojini Saklikar - children of air india

Gregory Scofield - kipocihkân, Louis

The Sechelt Nation - Ch'askin, How the Robin Got Its Red Breast, Mayuk the Grizzly Bear

Bren Simmers - Hastings-Sunrise

Gwen Sjogren - O Canada Crosswords Book 12, O Canada Crosswords Book 13, O Canada Crosswords Book 14, O Canada Crosswords Book 15, O Canada Crosswords Book 16

Bill Smith - Imagine the Sound

Bradley Somer - Imperfections

Madeline Sonik - Arms, Drying the Bones

Glen Sorestad - Air Canada Owls

The Puzzling Sports Institute - O Canada Puzzles for Kids Book 1, O Canada Puzzles for Kids Book 2, Slapshot Hockey Quizbook, The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook, The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook

Shannon Stewart - The Canadian Girl

John Stiles - Taking the Stairs

Nick Thran - Earworm, Mayor Snow

Diane L. Tucker - God on His Haunches

Alan Twigg - Cuba

Sheryda Warrener - Floating is Everything

Adrienne Weiss - There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore

Howard White - The Airplane Ride, Patrick and the Backhoe

Gillian Wigmore - Dirt of Ages

Carleton Wilson - The Material Sublime

Rob Winger - The Chimney Stone, Muybridge's Horse, Old Hat

Adele Wiseman - Puccini and the Prowlers

Rita Wong - Forage, perpetual, undercurrent

Elaine Woo - Cycling with the Dragon