Christian McPherson Launches ‘Cube Squared’ in Ottawa

Cube SquaredNightwood author Christian McPherson is celebrating the launch of his new novel, Cube Squared in Ottawa this month! The launch will take place at Patty’s Pub (1186 Bank St) on Sunday, October 20 from 3pm to 5pm. Books will be for sale by Perfect Books.

Cube Squared is Christian McPherson’s much-anticipated follow-up novel to The Cube People. In it, he finds more humour in the misadventures of Colin MacDonald: husband, father, cubicle-bound government employee, horror novelist and teddy bear thief.

This time around, Colin is slightly more grown up as he careens toward the forty-year-old mark with snowballing angst. At home, his recently deceased father continues deriding him from beyond the grave, he finds himself increasingly enthusiastic for any outing that allows him a couple hours of peaceful escape from family life, and he hasn’t had sex with his wife in a month. At work, he’s contending with the sheer illogic of office bureaucracy, an utterly boring promotion to Team Leader of Bar Code Accounting and Maintenance, and a far-too-sexy floor secretary. Meanwhile, he’s sitting on a pile of failed novels worth $8,000 and his new agent is pushing him to find a way to cram vampires, zombies, and sex—lots and lots of sex—all into one bestselling smash hit.

Cube Squared is the smartly written account of Colin’s attempts (many of them hilariously fumbled) to untangle his increasingly unmanageable life. Interspersed within are chapters of Colin’s own vampire-zombie apocalypse novel, The Mosquito and the Maggot, creating a multi-layered, meta-fictional romp with a protagonist who feels as real as your best friend.

For more info on the launch, contact Perfect Books at (613) 231-6468.


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