Gregory Scofield at VPL Book Camp

Gregory Scofield joins the impressive line up of  authors participating in the VPL‘s Summer Book Camp 2013. Gregory will be running a poetry workshop for young writers called, “So You Think You’re a Poet…but didn’t know it” on August 13. This workshop will concentrate on experience-inspired poetry, the use of storytelling in a poetic form and the “elements” of poetry and how to best use words to “paint a picture” of your thoughts and feelings.

Gregory will also be participating in the Book Camp Gala at the VPL on Friday, August 16 as a keynote speaker and featured poet. The gala is a celebration of the camp participants’ achievements and writing, providing well-earned recognition and praise to encourage the campers to continue exploring the written word.

Gregory’s books, Louis: The Heretic Poems and kipocihkân will be available for purchase and Gregory will be available for book signings at the end of the gala.

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