rob mclennan asks Sandy Pool 12 or 20 Questions

Sandy Pool, author of Undark, contemplates life and writing in this new interview by rob mclennan. Here’s a teaser, but you can read more here:

1 – How did your first book change your life? How does your most recent work compare to your previous? How does it feel different?

Having my first book published was both thrilling and traumatizing. It certainly allowed me to crystallize the questions and concerns that I wanted to address through poetry. I think, in my case, I simply needed to write my way into a second project that addressed the questions I couldn’t answer in the first book. There was another manuscript I trashed entirely in the meantime. There was this sense with Exploding that I couldn’t get it right, no matter how hard I tried, and I struggled with that. This time around was sort of “ Try again. Fail again. Fail better” as Beckett would say. I’m hoping to fail better this time. To fail with more grace, if I can.

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