Jamella Hagen Reads at UBC

Nightwood poet Jamella Hagen will read from her book Kerosene at the event Four Score! at UBC in Vancouver on Wednesday, September 28. This event will feature four UBC Creative Writing Program Graduates – Jamella Hagen, Bren Simmers, Sheryda Warrener, and Linda Besner – reading poems from their debut collections.

While UBC’s elite Creative Writing Program is known for shepherding extraordinary talent into print, the last 12 months have seen an unusually rich output of debut poetry collections by graduates of the program. September 2010 saw the publication both of Bren Simmers’ Night Gears (Wolsak & Wynn) and Sheryda Warrener’s Hard Feelings (Snare Books). Linda Besner’s The Id Kid (Signal Editions/Véhicule) followed in April 2011, with Jamella Hagen’s Kerosene (Nightwood Editions) as the newest kid on the block in September 2011.

Check out the Harbour Publishing events calendar for information about this event.

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