The complete spring list is here!

All of Nightwood’s spring titles are now available to order! The latest to arrive from the printer are Joe Denham’s The Year of Broken Glass, Carolyn Black’s The Odious Child and Kevin McNeilly’s Embouchure. Be the first in your neighbourhood to own the complete set!

  • The Year of Broken Glass: Against a backdrop of worldwide seismic devastation, crab fisherman Ferris Wichbaun is forced to confront increasing concern for his two families while journeying across the Pacific Ocean to deliver a legendary glass fishing float to an enigmatic, high-paying collector.

  • The Odious Child: What would you do if your child was a furry feral creature or your new love interest a potential serial killer (or worse, a fictitious cliche)? Carolyn Black has invented her own blend of urban fantasy, written with a refreshingly clear voice and dark, offbeat sense of humour.

  • Embouchure: Kevin McNeilly boasts finely honed poetic chops in his stunning debut that compiles the intertwined lineages of trumpet players who came to prominence in the U.S. between 1890 and 1939. He brings to life the characters these musicians inhabited and the stories that surrounded them in a vibrant, slangy dialect that adeptly reproduces the feel of the period.

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